Religion is only allowed by capital to exist if it takes on one of two inadequate forms: vague syncretic spirituality, as in the Yoga industry, or parochial, conservative moralism, as in evangelical Christianity, which is obviously continuous with the capitalist work ethic,  or radical Islam, which falsely appears to be a threat to western secular culture but actually intensifies the sense of crisis needed to sustain it.    

It really ought to be obvious that what is needed is a new post-capitalist mode of religion, which takes the cutting edge of culture as its driving force, harnessing new forms and channeling them into a new ascesis.   All hitherto existing forms of religion have reacted against the world.   Today it is possible to imagine a religion that would  first of all actually stand against capitalism, rather than surreptitiously sustain it, and then ultimately simply become the world, an ever-evolving kingdom of heaven.   The doctrines of this religion would have to be clearly articulated in its theology, and both account for and transcend the immanentization of theology that took place  during the 19th century - to draw the lines connecting God’s mind to money and experimental science (rather then foolishly positing the latter two as profane and attempting to protect God by attributing to it a fundamental ineffability, which is the mistaken strategy of existing religion and spirituality).