Lets accept the basic hypothesis of structural realism: our physical universe is a mathematical structure, and it is a special case among many different other mathematical structures.  All of them exist, and most of them do not have the type of space-time-causality that ours does.  "The Infinite" is inherently mathematizable, and our world emerges from it.  

The value of developing a quantification-oriented metaphysics, rather than a Whiteheadian-Deleuzean-Bergsonian one that seeks a secret soul in nature that is continuous with our own, is that it presents a space of possibility for eschatology.  

Human culture is a very specific region of of an incredibly vast  universe that is logical, physical and determined in other unknown ways.  Our psychogenesis is shared by all of us, but is not also shared by God and the world.  Affirming Bergson's maxim that metaphysic is the science that dispenses with symbols, we need to be able to truly have an intuition of the radical possibility afforded to us given the vast complexity of the world.  The intuition of being is an intuition that we can transform ourselves into whatever we want