The Vorizenic armistice manifests as the world qua apparently natural.  This (false) image is sustained and protected by violence and speed in much of the world, but in the wealthiest areas it is sutained mainly by shame (this is why the fourth alimony is named "SHEYMN")


Music, thought and drama pierce through the walls of the armistice so as to make contact with the Transcendental regions - OIOION, ANANON and YLYLYCYN.   Music does this by producing pure, supra-representational intensity (HAQQ/OIOION).  Thought does this by means of mathematics and the concept (ANANON) and drama by the enigmatic use of language and image (YLYLCYN)

Divided, these three only feed the Vorizenic armistice, intensifying the dissolution of human culture.  The final task of Ark Work is to somehow coordinate them as a Perichoresis so as to suspend the death drive, alter fate and unbind freedom.