We should remember that Ololon is the estranged daughter of John Milton.  In YLYLCYN the seventh armistice began when Milton returned to earth to reconcile with his 'feminine emanation'.   Blake thought that this reconciliation would quickly lead to the eschaton and the reconciliation of Albion and Jerusalem.  He could not see - it took Nietzsche, who was more willing to accept the cruelty of truth, to see - that this was only the beginning of a new, final armistice - the Vorizenic Armistice:  one which even as it freed human desire from the bondage of the law submitted it to servitude in the name of its own dissolution.  

It could not be seen that the liberation of desire (the union of Milton with his daughter) would intensify the bondage of life even further even as it broke the chains of those moralities which disguise power. 

Ololon was caught in the talons of a great eagle named Hael - an insane, desperate beast hellbent on terrozing the son whom, delusionally, she seeks to protect.  Just as Kel Valhaal loses his guiding helmet, Hael and Ololon are joined together to form the entity HAELEGEN.  They flail in the sky, traumatized and confused.