The Four Fields employ the Four Cardinals as their respective logics, while their respective objects of study (I just realized) are the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh Armistices.   In other words, Axiology studies the constraints and possibilities of the human condition insofar as they are determined by the social bond, which is the Uraelic Armistice; Metaphysics studies the constraints and possibilities of reason, as exemplified by the Enlightenment and the coordination of instrumental knowledge with justice that posits a truth beyond the social, which is the Urizenic Armistice; Cosmogony presents a materialist critique of capitalism considered as a nonrational libidinal force unleashed by Urizen as an unintended consequence - the Varizenic Armistice; and Eschatology studies the kingdom of heaven, Haelegen, which can only be articulately conceived as a result of these first three.