The Armistice of Varizen is characterized by the hijacking of the entire cultural, phenomenological and even habitual field by the advertising industry, which uses mass manipulation techniques implemented via social media (today the true scope of ‘advertising’ is much wider than that of the era when the term only referred to corporations attracting consumers to products.  Today literally every online communication, every effort to appear clever to one’s friends, or whatever, is an ad). It’s a double-edged sword, though; the mental health effects are obviously devastating, but there is also an individuating aspects which I believe is worth preserving. On the one hand consumers are genuinely enslaved by, genuinely addicted to, a process that creates value by encouraging the beings producing it and consuming it to be more and more vulgar, impulsive and afraid (and hopeless, and confused, and more inclined to vilify and seek revenge). On the other hand, these beings are massively more sophisticated, aware of a much wider field of possibility, and often, I’d argue, more in touch with their unique gifts. Through the somewhat distorted sense of vulgar egoism, present day consumers, at least of a certain socio-economic status (and the bar is fairly low) are more inclined to value their own rights to unique expression.   We must remember that the cultivation of individual talent is an absolute requirement for anyone to be admitted to the future mode of production beyond Varizen; only free human beings will be capable of sustaining it. The Armistice of Ololon will preserve the refinement of narcissism enacted by Varizen but will treat it as an end in itself and buttress it with reason and compassion.